About The Grand Banqueting Suite

The Grand Banqueting Suite is a leading wedding venue, hosting a wide range of weddings, at exceptionally high standards, attracting clients both locally and nationally.

We have perfected a unique array of outstanding weddings of various themes, which are notable not only for their impeccable service but both for their stunning decor and the quality of their catering.

The construction of our purpose built East Wing, combined with over 60 years experience has set the Grand Banqueting Suite at a par above the rest – which has made a significant contribution to the dramatic transformation of the local wedding industry over the last few years.

Beyond simply creating a beautiful space for your wedding; one of our core objectives, as wedding planners, is to actively manage your events: delivering an exceptional experience to our clients and their guests. For all our events we are closely involved throughout the full planning cycle; From initial idea conception through to the operational management on the day itself. Working this way allows us to guarantee that the initial aspirations for the most important day of your life are fully delivered to your complete satisfaction.

Our event management team has been created to ensure that we have the required expertise to manage each specific event as stress free as possible for you and your family. We are confident that our management capability is not only the finest in Yorkshire, but that our teams have been created with the depth of knowledge and experience necessary to deliver this service to the highest standard of perfection.